Armas Bajo Control

Make some Noise

10 April 1990
Now, you're all probably wondering who the hell I am, (or not) as the case in hand may be.
Well...My name is Eddie.
My initials are EMH - Dawn understands *waves*.

I live in the gloriously cider-tipsy county of North Somerset, where fields of vivid green sculpture the majority of the landscape....OK Eddie, shut up. Stop promoting the South West of England! *mentally punches self*
Anyway, I believe that where I live is the best part of England. So come, join in the not so much fun!

Alright, I'll get it off the pot.
I have sixteen years of experience in the world, and of deciding my true gender and that is Male.

I am a Pansexual Transexual man (Transdude for short).
I was born into a female body with a male brain. Many may consider me crazy (especially if you're from the US or Eastern Europe), but I assure you it's a proper medical term.
My Sexual Orientation is Pansexual - this means I am not atracted to any certain genital group, neither do I give a toss what people have 'down there'.
I simply love a person - their attitude and personality counts.
I'm also not too hot and bothered about having a relationship, so I guess you could consider me a little bit Asexual.

You could call me an athiest as I don't believe in God. I believe in many gods, for I am a Pagan.
Call me evil, call me a sinner. I don't care, my religion is just as ancient as yours and it is also just another beleif.
I won't throw anything as fact in your face.

oh, and feel free to look up my profile on teenageriots, it's for Activists under 18, check it out:

Campaign for:
Global Warming
Equal Rights
Saving Natural Resources
Reserving Fossil Fuels
Immigration & Refugee Rights
And on Friday 7th July, I signed the 'Control Arms' Petition.